About Us

Infinitystickons aims to provide the best name labels in the world. We really want your experience with Infinitystickons to be excellent. For the products, we try to make our labels as simple and useful as possible.Without you, our company wouldn’t be possible. Sure, we’ve got the original designs, quality labels and amazing gifts but it’s your names that bring it all to life.Made of vinyl, Stickon Labels are also heat resistant. Our graphic design team is constantly inspired by the world around them and works hard to bring their beautiful, original, cute and kooky ideas to life.Our clever website means you can enter your child’s name, choose your favorite design and see an instant preview of how your finished product will look.We look forward to seeing which of your names will bring our next product to life. We’re proud to provide customers with products that are made in INDIA. Happy shopping!

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